Frequently Asked Questions

From what age can I dive?

When you are 8 years old you can dive in the pool under the supervision of a PADI instructor. From 10 years you can also dive in the open water.

Can I see something underwater in the Netherlands?

The underwater world in the Netherlands is diverse. In freshwater ponds and rivers you will find pike, baars, eels, crayfish and in the freshwater you will find lobsters, crabs, sepias, slugs, butterfish, oysters, mussels, too many to mention. The encounters in the underwater world are sometimes unreal and almost always very photogenic. Also have a look at www.peterverhoog.comp.
And underwater visibility varies from 2 to 10 meters in the summer when there is a lot of food (algae) in the water, and in winter the visibility varies from 5 to 20 meters.

Is the water cold in the Netherlands?

In the summer months the water in the Netherlands on the surface is around 20 degrees Celsius, deeper in the freshwater lakes the temperature decreases and drops to 8 degrees depending on the depth. In the winter the water is around 6 degrees Celsius. During outdoor water diving you wear a 7mm wetsuit, which protects you well against the cold. More information about the current temperature can be found here.

Where am I going to dive in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has many dive sites (see also Where you are going to dive depends on the diving school you are going with. You can find the information about this on the course pages.

Do I need a swimming diploma?

You must be able to swim before you start a PADI diving course. You can show this by swimming 200 meters and watering for 10 minutes in the deep. Of course you can also take your swimming diploma with you.

How deep do I go during the diving course?

You go into the pool a few meters deep (depending on the pool). In the open water we do not go deeper than 12 meters during the first lessons and the maximum depth for beginners is 18 meters deep (12 meters if you are younger than 15 years). With the PADI follow-up courses you can go up to 40 meters deep, which is the limit for recreational sport divers.